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We all know that thousands of guys hookup every day on MANHUNT, which means that there is a hell of a lot of damn hot sex happening all over the world. Looking through the studs on MANHUNT we realized that we wanted to see what these encounters were like - and so did our members - so over the past year we reached out to them and asked if they'd be into showing us their stuff. Thousands of them said, YES! And we heard from everyone: all sizes, shapes and colors. Not to mention dudes into every kind of scene: jocks, twinks, bears, pigs, leather guys, older dudes, intergenerational couples, interracial couples, tattoo boys, muscle men, daddies, and more.

Filming all of this was a lot of work but we rolled up our sleeves, unzipped our pants, and took one for the team putting this all together. To capture all of this on film we needed some help - and fast! So we called on some of our friends in the porn industry, including superstars like Matthew Rush, Jeremy Hall, Collin O'Neal, and Caesar, and asked them to help us out and to travel all over the world to film MANHUNT members doing what they do best: fucking, sucking, rimming, pissing, and everything in between.

Our videos are beyond amateur: we barely edit anything out, we don't coach the guys, rehearse, have them put on make-up, or anything else. We just tell the guys to fuck and to have fun. We try to tell them to ignore the camera, but with it being held by a hot - and usually naked - porn star would you be able to ignore it? So sometimes our porn stars get dragged into the action, the camera being handed to whoever has a free hand, sometimes our couples are so into each other they do actually ignore the porn star, and other times they just like to put on a good show and to get some feedback from the studs filming them. We have made every effort to show you the complete hook-up; you'll be seeing the scene exactly as it unfolded in front of our cameras. For this reason some of our video file sizes are somewhat larger than those of other sites, so we converted each scene into multiple formats with several download options for each format. This way there is a file size appropriate for everyone, with any connection speed and any type of computer.

We'll be updating the site with a new hot hookup every week. Plus we'll have frequent updates in our bonus section which will include behind the scenes footage, outtakes, spanking contests, and all sorts of other interesting tidbits. We had a lot of fun - among other things - putting this site together for you and we'd totally appreciate any feedback you can share. If there's a certain guy in a scene and you want to see more of him, let us know; if there was a particular type of scene you thought was particularly hot - intergenerational, muscle, whatever - let us know that too. And if you want to have a hookup of your own filmed, find the "Be a Model" link and apply.

So again we thank you for visiting and look forward to you sticking around for a while!

OnTheHunt Webmaster