Brock & Josh

Here the video will be shown.

Filmed by Jeremy Hall of Club Jeremy Hall

On Jeremy Hall's visit to Boston we hooked him up with two studs who applied to be filmed. Brock is a 38 year old, shaved head stud with a well-packed muscle body. Josh is a young guy, just 19, and was super nervous. They had been chatting on MANHUNT for a while but had never met in person. Jeremy asked them if they’d mind us filming their first encounter. Josh starts our pretty reserved but by the time Brock plunges his huge cock up his ass you can see that Josh is loving every minute of it. It was only after the shoot that we found out it was only the third time Josh had been fucked! And best of all, we made a love connection with these two. They were so into each other they left the shoot together and have kept on hanging out.