Jay McQuay Solo 2

Filmed by the Manhunt Casting Director

As a bouncer at a local club, Jay McQuay flexes his muscle every night, keeping folks in line when they get a little out of hand. But it was a different kind of muscle that he had to get hard for our cameras if he hopes to be the next porn phenomenon. With his All-American looks and a rock-solid 50 inch chest, I couldn’t wait to get Jay in for an audition. When he got naked, we could see Jay McQuay has the total package. Every muscle of his body is perfectly toned from hours at the gym as a personal trainer. He has one of the nicest asses we’ve ever seen, and his cock… it’s 7-inches long and 6 inches around. Now that’s one thick dick! By the end of his audition, Jay McQuay proved that a rowdy crowd isn’t the only thing he can handle well.